Hey friends, as expected My November Little Box has arrived today! I already had a glimpse of its content on a Facebook group because I'm such a spoiler freak - sorry, I can't help it - and was looking so forward to receiving it.

If you aren't familiar with My Little Box, it's a subscription box with a different theme each month which contains cosmetics and lifestyle/fashion accessories. It costs 16,90 euros per month and you'll get a selection of products including one My Little Beauty product, lifestyle or fashion accessories, cosmetics and a magazine. Many big brands are partnering with My Little Box: Bourjois, Givenchy, L'Oréal and many more.

The October box was a good one. The Brooklyn theme was very appealing and the products were good, especially the Garancia micellar water. I didn't use the By Terry crayon Khôl yet though. I'm not really a makeup person.

This month, My Little Box is wishing us good night! Ready to find out what's inside?

Flipped through the magazine very quickly. There's an article on how to sleep better, which might interest me.

OMG, that might sound weird but that's probably one of the best accessories for me! I love sleeping masks and I just can't fall asleep without one. Bravo, My Little Box! This one is so cute, I love it. This mask costs 12 euros.

I love the moon shape. That dish is going to be so useful and very pretty on my bedside table. Same price as the mask.

This is a 99,5% natural, vegan makeup removing gel/oil for all skin types. It's loaded with camelia oil, grapeseed and sunflower seed extract and scented with green tea. That kind of product is always useful, even if I wear very little makeup in my day-to-day life. It costs 13 euros.

I first thought it was a hand glove to remove the makeup, but I got... a finger glove. I guess it's to remove running mascara or lipstick. It's reusable up to 3 months and costs 4 euros.

The 40ml high-recision tip tube costs 39 euros. It rejuvenates the skin and boosts radiance. 

It's a moisturizing, peeling and firming body cream by Garancia and it smells so good. Garancia products always do! The 75ml tube is 14,50 euros, has 98% ingredients of natural origin and no parabens. This formula was a Victoire de la Beauté winner in 2012-2013 so I guess it's a good one. My husband already wants to use it!

I am very happy with the content of the November box. I can't wait to use all the products and that sleeping mask is so cute! Have you received your monthly box? What's in it? Leave your links below.

My Little Box | Good Night

The end-of-year is setting in. Before we know it, Christmas will be upon us and we'll be entering 2017. I usually enjoy the whole Christmas atmosphere with all the lights and shopping but it's also a difficult period for me. I can feel very low, especially in November. Although this is my birth month and I should feel excited about it, November's not my friend. I've noticed over the past years, I feel sad, depressed, nervous, extremely exhausted and fed up with almost everything around this time. Anxiety kicks back in with pain in the chest, headaches and the need to cry.

This situation being recurrent throughout the last two months of the year, I thought of tips and tricks to help me feel a little bit better. Some people want to be helpful and tell me to just smile but it's not that simple! Here's a few things that I do or try to do to battle that end-of-year depression:

• Keep a journal. Writing down thoughts is helpful and often removes them from your head.
• Listen to relaxation music. Listening to acoustic guitar makes me feel much better.
• Distract yourself with a good book or something you enjoy doing. Into colouring right now.
• Try meditation.
• Boost your B vitamins. Starting my vitamin therapy today.
• Go out and have a walk in the countryside. Nature is so beautiful.
• Write a 100 Things I Love post.
• Relax. Just do nothing. Take a nap. That could be one of the best ways to feel better.

These are not revolutionary tips but they help. Do you have any tips to deal with the end-of-year depression?


How to battle end-of-year depression

Amanda Knox
Paperback - 496 pages
Published June 9th 2015 by Harper Paperbacks (first published April 1st 2013)

I remember well when the Meredith Kercher murder case happened back in late 2007. It was covered in media across the world. I was spending a year abroad as a language assistant, and it was my first time alone in a foreign country, just like Meredith and Amanda Knox.

In September 2007, 20-year-old Amanda Knox left Seattle to spend a year study at the University of Foreigners in Perugia, Italy. She quickly found accomodation and became friend with her roommate, British student Meredith Kercher.

On November 2nd 2007, Meredith was found dead in her bedroom. The police started to investigate and question Meredith's friends and roommates. After hours of questioning and pressure by the local police, Amanda and her Italian boyfriend of one week, Raffaele, were arrested and convicted for murder.

I won't go into the details of the case but reading Amanda's honest account was very interesting. It made me feel a whirlwind of emotions: excited for Amanda's new adventures in Italy, horrified with the murder of Meredith, angry with the incompetence and absurdity of the local police, appalled at her incarceration and mad at the Prosecution and media for treating her unfairly.

I have read this memoir in just a couple of days. It's a real page turner and I'm convinced of one thing: Amanda and Raffaele are innocent. They were released and acquitted in 2011 at a second-level trial and fully exonerated in 2015.

Have you heard of the case? I highly recommend Amanda's memoir and also the new Netflix documentary.

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Book review | Waiting To Be Heard: A Memoir by Amanda Knox

1. The 90's.
2. Blogging.
3. My baby boy's laughs and smiles.
4. Olive's dance scene in Little Miss Sunshine.
5. The sound of rain against the window.
6. Anything with Kate Winslet, Kirsten Dunst, Jack Black or Leonardo DiCaprio in it.
7. Japanese food.
8. Miranda Sings.
9. Reading a good book.
10. Cappuccino.
11. Bookstores.
12. Playing Trivial Pursuit.
13. Raclette.
14. My MacBook Air.
15. Hand lotions.
16. Muriel's Wedding.
17. Breton stripes.
18. Cats.
19. Netflix.
20. The Spice Girls.
21. Most Haunted.
22. Berry cheesecake.
23. Candles.
24. Succulents.
25. Disney.
26. Being a mom.
27. Salt & vinegar crisps.
28. The colour navy blue.
29. Lit fireplaces.
30. Peonies.
31. Driving my car.
32. Alone times.
33. The Beatles.
34. Red carpets.
35. Jon Snow.
36. Warm towels.
37. Christmas.
38. The English language.
39. A clean house.
40. Watching Eurovision.
41. Stationery.
42. Hot and long showers.
43. Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets.
44. Yoga pants and leggings.
45. Coffee mugs.
46. Old pictures.
47. Lettering.
48. London.
49. Surprise gifts.
50. ER and Sex and the City reruns.
51. Jimmy Fallon's Ew!
52. Tess of the d'Urbervilles.
53. Learning new things.
54. History.
55. Caesar salad.
56. Jane Austen.
57. Baby cuddles.
58. Projects.
59. Jeff Buckley and Alanis Morissette.
60. Battenberg cake.
61. Museums.
62. Biographies and memoirs.
63. Funny people.
64. My office room.
65. French toast.
66. The painting Ophelia by John Everett Millais.
67. Writing.
68. Rhiannon Frater's As The World Dies book series.
69. Random acts of kindness.
70. Being home.
71. People that spread positivity.
72. IKEA.
73. The Marseillaise.
74. Bridget Jones.
75. Oversized shirts.
76. A full fridge.
77. The Walking Dead, American Horror Story and Game of Thrones.
78. The Duchess of Cambridge.
79. Creativity.
80. Michael Jackson's "Black or White" videoclip.
81. The Sims.
82. Open-minded people.
83. Watching the Olympics.
84. "Love Street" by The Doors.
85. Having deep conversations with my husband.
86. Cat purrs.
87. Staedtler triplus fineliners.
88. Herbal infusions.
89. Twitter.
90. My husband's sleep-talking.
91. Snail mail.
92. Buzzfeed quizzes.
93. Ghost stories.
94. Flat ankle boots.
95. Love Actually.
96. Going to the cinema.
97. Haribo sweets.
98. Laughing.
99. Making lists.
100. Memories of my grandmother.

And that makes 100! I highly recommend you write a "100 things I love" post. It made me smile and feel so much better. Comment and share your links below!

100 Things I Love

+ It's cold and I have lit my fireplace. What could be better than a cosy afternoon by the fire with a good book?

+ Nothing's planned for Halloween this year. In fact, it's not so popular in France. I used to buy sweets but nobody would come trick-or-treat. And I'd eventually eat all of them on my own.

+ My coworkers and I have decided to quit smoking together this November. Being able to support and motivate each other will be a good thing.

+ Did a wishlist for Baby's first Christmas. I just can't believe he's 7 months old now. My baby's growing up so fast!

+ Super happy with my blog right now, both the content and design. I found a great blogging community, love participating in Twitter chats and can't wait to make new friends.

+ Watched the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix. Remember when the case happened in 2007. Also read her book, Waiting To Be Heard. Book review coming soon!

+ American Horror Story: Roanoke is perfection. My favourite AHS season so far.

+ Season 7 of The Walking Dead has just started. And my favourite character on the show has died. I'm devastated.

+ I'm not an American citizen but have an opinion on the presidential election that's coming up. I can't wait for this to be over. Can't stand Trump anymore.


Moments & Notes #1

Kiera Cass
Paperback - 327 pages
Published March 26th 2013 (first published April 24th 2012)

The first time I heard about The Selection series was on IG. One blogger I follow was reading the first book and loved it. I'm always on the hunt for new reading material so I instantly purchased the series on Amazon.

The Selection is about America Singer, a teenage girl living in Illéa, formerly known as the United States, and ruled under a rigid caste system, the Ones being the wealthiest and Eights being the poorest. America is a Five and lives with her artist family in the Province of Carolina.

She's selected to be part of the 35 girls competing to become Prince Maxon's future wife and Princess of Illéa. At first she's reluctant but much to her surprise, she starts enjoying living at the palace, the gowns and all the glitter, and even becomes close to Prince Maxon. However, America can't forget her ex-boyfriend back in her hometown and is stuck in a love triangle.

At first, I cringed a bit about that whole Bachelor-like competition but was very attracted by all the atmosphere and the potential romantic story that could emerge from it. The heroine can sound awkward but she isn't afraid to speak her mind, and the two main male characters that are part of the love triangle are different but both attractive.

I was expecting more violence because The Selection is described as being similar to The Hunger Games and Divergent but the only similarities are basically the caste system and the young strong-willed protagonist.

The end is quite predictable but the book is hard to put down. The twist at the end of the first book makes you want to know more and continue the series, which I will.

Have you read The Selection? If yes, what are your thoughts about it? If no, is it on your reading list?

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Book Review | The Selection by Kiera Cass


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